Allied Container Systems (ACS) brings your Urban Operation Site (UOS) or Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) to life by populating the Scenario Villages with culturally and linguistically accurate Role Players & Civilians on the Battlefield (COB) or Civilians in the Battlespace (CIB). To add to the density of stimulation, ACS provides realistic "In Theater Facades", interior and exterior set dressing, battle effects, scent machines, moulage and props Role Players portray the village leaders, interpreters, local officials, media and citizens.

ACS role players go through ACS COB certification process where they attend intensive training at the COB Academy. In addition to traditional force on force Mission Rehearsal, ACS specialized in non-kinetic training. We provide Cultural Liaison, Cultural Training Session in a classroom setting for Opposing Forces (OPFOR), and After Action Review feedback (AAR). To improve the training value, ACS actively participates in AARs whether they be formal or informal. For example, ACS provides Cultural Training regularly in the villages, daily feedback in leadership AARs, and at the end of the session in formal AARs. ACS strength is in providing an authenticity and realism that helps to prepare the Military Forces for success. More significantly, ACS treats its personnel with cultural sensitivity, dignity, and respect. We foster a positive vision regarding the intention of the Military efforts in their home country.


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